Clear Capital Resolution

As many Agents have received at some point with Clear Capital:

Cease Foreign IP Logins Immediately

"We’ve detected activity in your Clear Capital account from a foreign IP address. We require that you cease activity from foreign IPs immediately. If we find that your account is still being accessed from a foreign IP address 7 days from the date of this email, 01/9/2018, your account will be permanently removed from Clear Capital."

As a result we've put together an alternative in-house Team Viewer solution which will avoid using VPN's. We have setup our own units which will have an IP address based in Michigan, USA which remain on 24/7 to service only Clear Capital orders.

Due to the sensitivity of this site tracking foreign IP's we advise to avoid saving your Clear Capital username/password within your account but email it to and we will store an offline copy of you logins on our remote desktop.

For any other questions for setup please leave us a comment!