Order Attributes Price
Exterior BPO Order Advanced QC Support $9
Interior BPO Order Advanced QC Support $12
Data Entry* Basic QC Support $7
Property Condition Report Advanced QC Support $5
Order Add-Ons
Premium List Advanced QC Support $3
Rush 6 Hours or Less $2
Super Rush 2 Hours or Less $5
Rental Addendum Advanced QC Support $3
Inspection Advanced QC Support $3
Initial BPO Advanced QC Support $5

Data Entry

Data entry is a reduced fee option if you wish to provide the Comparables for the report. The order gets completed in the same manner as an Exterior/Interior BPO and the order qualifies for Basic QC Support. Comparables can be provided by uploading MLS sheets to the Documents icon or entering the MLS numbers into the Comparables window.

Volume Discount

$1|order for 300+ orders|mo. The discount may be applied to multiple Agent accounts.