Competitive Advantage

Our People

Our Contractors are our #1 asset. We strive to be hard workers with a positive demeanor to assist your BPO operations day in and day out.

Our Tools

We utilize the latest technologies to increase accuracy & efficiency on each report. Our Agents streamline 100% of the BPO life-cycle using our free Pipeline management software.

Our Recruiting

Recruiting the RIGHT people and retaining the BEST people are key. Our company has a knack for identifying talent in others & maximizing their full potential.

Our Office

We have a professional working environment where training & ideas are shared & cultivated; ultimately promoting a team based approach to BPO order fulfillment.

The Technical Stuff

Tax Records

Tax record pulls are attempted on every property. If a record is not available the order will be placed on Hold with request to obtain a Tax Record, Appraisal, or any other approved 3rd party data source.

Comp Searches

Comparables are strategically searched by map Proximity. The search is then further refined by a set of default or custom tiered variances for characteristics such as GLA, Age, & Sale Dates.

Data Entry

100% of the form is filled including data for the Subject Property, Neighborhood, Comparables, Proximities, Values, Broker Price Opinion Summary, Variances & Exceptions.


Subject Photos, Comp Photos, & Subject Tax Record/MLS Listing are uploaded to every order if applicable. If required by the valuation company then Comp MLS sheets also get uploaded.

Order Review

We import the data into our own servers so Agents can quickly review the Comparables & Final Values prior to order submission.

Virtual Private Network

USA based geo specific VPN's are used to access companies which block foreign IP's.